Our Services for Patients

We excel in non-surgical treatment for degenerative or repetitive strain issues affecting joints, tendons, bursae, ligaments, capsules, fasciae and muscles.  We are dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care, in the comfort and convenience of your neighbourhood. 

Our emphasis is on utilizing state-of-the-art, real-time ultrasound technology to administer precise image-guided injections exactly at the affected area with pinpoint accuracy.

Please note that we do not treat the spinal column or administer nerve pain injections. Should your assessment indicate the need for surgical intervention or referral to another healthcare specialist, we will facilitate the process to ensure expedited care.

Our Services for Health Professionals

As part of our collaborative team, we are committed to enhancing your patient’s care. We will develop a comprehensive treatment plan, administer injections when indicated, and oversee any necessary follow-ups.

Injections are done with real-time ultrasound needle visualization to provide precision medication delivery to minimize side effects and improve patient outcomes. 

Dr. Lin has a GP Focused Practice Designation and his services does not impact your access bonus.  Please click below for more information.