Health Care Provider Referral Information

No negation for rostered patients.

I have a GP Focused Practice designation from the Ministry of Health and I will not impact your access bonus.

My goal is to provide professional consultations and injections for your patients with painful musculoskeletal problems.  I perform my injections in real-time under ultrasound guidance, improving results and reducing adverse events.

To initiate a referral, please fax a referral letter to 519-848-6373.  I can also be found on Ocean eReferrals map, and the Ocean form will be available shortly.

For an accurate assessment, kindly include the following:

  • Cumulative Patient Profile
  • Notes regarding prior treatments in this area, such as physiotherapy, specialists consultations, injections or surgery
  • A recent X-ray report of the affected area is very helpful, along with any other related imaging reports.

What to expect when you refer:

When you refer a patient to us, expect:

  • Timely, local, professional medical care
  • Prompt consultation letters
  • Sterile procedure with real-time ultrasound needle guidance
  • Appropriate referrals for additional testing or consultations
  • Management of test results that I order
  • No access bonus negation due to GP Focused Practice designation

Medical Education Blog

Please visit my continuing medical education blog to learn what’s new in evidence-based non-surgical management of musculoskeletal problems.